May – June 2021



Environmental Verdikt of your companys digital

Verdikt’s ambition is to bring together two worlds that do not know each other: digital and CSR. And for a few months now, it has been a reality! Our integrated solution is now available to CIOs and CSR managers to measure the environmental impact of their digital assets, using a life-cycle and multi-criteria approach and focusing on the 5 Sustainable Development Goals: climate change of course, but also energy, water, abiotic resources, etc. 


Let your data speak for itself! 


An ecosystem of choice!

First we said financing, with the BPI of course: Inov awards!


Then we said incubator, with the Station F: enrolled in Founders Program’s batch 9!


Now we’re thinking, lots of clients and lots of logos: probably with you!


The CDR is coming!

Awareness of the ecological impacts of digital technologies is growing. The CSR Platform has recently established the notion of Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR)! Three pillars of CDR have been defined: data, environmental and social factors. In order to integrate Corporate Digital Responsibility into the heart of companies, 56 recommendations have been formulated for their attention, for public authorities, employee unions and players in training and education. This is a significant step forward and the timing is perfect to bring the subject to the European level.


To be continued!


Arcep Barometer

50% of French people

say they are not sufficiently informed about the impact of digital technology on the environment


From every angle!

Early adopters of all sizes (MNC, SME, VSE) have been examining our solution over the last few weeks.


The environmental pillar has been dissected… and nothing has escaped them!


Relevant feedback, instructive exchanges and suggestions for priorities to feed our roadmap.


Interested? Let us know!


Unplug your internet box during your holidays. Why?
Internet box connected 24 hours a day consume the electrical equivalent of a small refrigerator over the year


Diversity, parity and training!

In recent months, we have welcomed and integrated 5 new recruits to help our co-founders! A variety of profiles: full stack developers for the product, CSR for our data repository, communication & marketing to promote our B2B offers and a consultant to help our prospects becoming familiar with the solution. And for each of them, a training to the new concepts: CSR, SDG, responsible digital, digital pollution…
Unanimously positive feedback on this first week of immersion!



This summer, re-energizing is on our agenda and even essential… We won’t be turning off the lights completely though! After the environmental pillar, the social one will be delivered in a few weeks.


So have a great summer and see you in our next “Indiscretions” to find out more about the digital social impact!