September – October 2021



The fall version is live!

Understanding the impact of digital technology from an environmental perspective is good, but not forgetting the social impact is better and more responsible!   

It was a busy time for our “early adopters” who were in charge of testing the new features of the product.

More than 100 data collected and more than 60 indicators and graphs measured on the social themes of diversity, parity, inclusion, training … 


And we took the opportunity to reinforce the educational scope of the product with contextual online help for outreach purposes.


1 year already!

And this is something to celebrate … First of all, it is a source of pride and immense joy to gather around a glass of wine all those who have contributed to our first successes! 

An intense, rich year, to be repeated without moderation:

  • Winner of the i-Nov competition of BPI France
  • Incubated at Station F
  • Boosted by committed young talents
  • Equipped with an innovative solution for customers who want to be one step ahead!



On the occasion of this 1st candle, Q&A exercise with our president, Christine Heckmann:


So, how did it all start?


The beginning of the story was …


“And you, CIO in the midst of a digital transformation, what are you doing about digital pollution?”


It was late 2018, nothing on the agenda … and end of story to this young manager who was calling me out!


A few quarters later, CSR is gaining momentum, the figures on digital pollution are being publicized, the legislator is getting involved with the REEN law… in short, concrete signals that things are changing!


This was all it took to reinforce our shared intuition on the emergence of a subject of convergence of transitions: digital and ecology.


From idea to action: 2 years later, we co-founded Verdikt!


Extend the life of existing equipment, reuse and recycle your equipment.
In 1985, the average life of a computer was 10 years, today it's 3 years...


GreenTech Forum 2021

The GreenTech Forum, under the patronage of Planet Tech’Care, is the professional event dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of digital technology.


Their ambition? To promote sustainable digital technology in order to allow public and private organizations to reduce their environmental impact.


For Verdikt’s first participation in an event as an exhibitor, the GreenTech Forum was a must!

See you at La Défense on November 30th and December 1st.


Reduce consumables and recycle waste
French employees continue to print an average of over 50kg of paper per person per year.


A growing team

In the last few months, Verdikt has welcomed two new recruits.


A front-end developer and a back-end developer are going to collaborate on an ambitious roadmap: enriching the platform with new features, setting up APIs and, above all, piloting improvement actions based on the recommendations provided by the solution…


Unavoidable on-boarding passed with flying colors by our 2 talents: a complete training on CSR, ESR, SDG and sustainable digital! 

Verdikt équipe ensemble valeurs s'engager

And for the beginning of 2022, Verdikt is already recruiting



  • a sustainable digital consultant apprentice
  • a full stack developer trainee
  • a data scientist apprentice

Join us for a project that makes sense!

Jean-Claude Laroche, the new president of Cigref, recently said: “Integrating environmental impact must be the trademark of CIOs”.  


So set aside one green hour in your agenda for our monthly “Aparté”!


On the agenda: challenges, expertise and solution around sustainable digital. Launching on 25th November 2021 and recurring every 3rd Thursday of the month, at Station F, from 9am to 10am upon reservation.