Q2 2023

 HEADLINES – New look for our website!

Verdikt launches its fully revamped website! 🎉


New design, new pages, new content… the result of weeks of hard work. 


Our team is proud to unveil this new release that will allow you to learn more about our story, our team and obviously about the extensive features of our platform at the crossroads of IT & CSR.  

Ecodesign & user experience were at the heart of our collaboration with Ingenius web agency.


D-2 for VivaTech

Verdikt will attend VivaTech 2023, Europe’s largest event dedicated to start-ups and technology. 🚀


This gathering is an opportunity to have memorable and enriching meetings with business leaders from all sectors.


Each year, we are happy to see that the awareness of companies on sustainability progresses with a strong will to deploy digital transformations in a more responsible way. 🌱

We look forward to seeing you there and to showing you our innovative and enhanced platform, ready to accelerate your transition to a more sustainable IT. 


🗓️ Mark your calendars: June 14, 15 & 16 – Porte de Versailles. 


Curtains up very soon…

So many discussions this past semester!


With corporate prospects, with IT providers, with the whole ecosystem, …

You know us by now: we are not short of new ideas when it comes to accelerating the sustainable IT transition.


We are quite excited to announce the launch of a new offer that will be unveiled very soon. Stay tuned to discover more… Impossible to miss it on our brand new Website or our Linkedin.

#Key Figure

CSR criteria in calls for tender


According to a study of IDC France, 77% of companies and administrations now include CSR criteria in their calls for tender.


2023 Roadmap goes with IT sustainability. 

These last two months have been marked by many meetings and exchanges with CIOs, CSR managers and IT teams


It is always a pleasure to present to you our solution, to see that it meets your expectations and that you wish to be accompanied in your IT sustainability strategy. 🌿


KPIs, maturity indexes, detailed analysis and improvement recommendations are ready-to-use to guide your CSR strategy and take action today to create a more sustainable digital future



What industry trends for CIOs?


Digital sector studies agree that IT sustainability projects are becoming increasingly important.  


Not only the health crisis brought to the forefront the subjects of digital transformation, but has revealed the need to include in it a sustainability dimension. Indeed, according to a BCG’s study, 76% of companies have the priority of reducing the carbon impact of their digital activities. 📉


CIOs are the first to be affected by these new concerns. Indeed, a study by IDC reveals that by 2025, about 25% of the budget of IT systems departments will be allocated to IT sustainability projects


IT teams will have to drive their investments with fine-tuning as they pursue their digital sobriety strategy. Verdikt can guide you, month after month, identifying the hotspots to prioritize in driving your IT sustainability strategy. 


Ready to go even further!


Lots of new features, lots of demos, lots of customer support in the last few months since the beginning of the year.


We have taken the opportunity of May’s bank holidays to all take a breath and recharge the batteries. 


The team is now ready to go back full speed 🚀

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CIOs initiatives against GHG emissions
The three initiatives most cited by CIOs to reduce their GHG emissions over the next two years are: modernizing infrastructure (45%), extending the useful life of hardware (35%) and reducing IT usage (32%).
(Source : IDC FRANCE)