Christine Heckmann


"Former Group CIO of multinational companies, I led their digital transformations. During all those years, digital pollution was not on the agenda. Today, I am deeply convinced that sustainable digital transition will be in the years to come, the equivalent of what digital transformation has been."


BPI i-Nov

#i-Nov contest winner - December 2020
The i-Nov call for projects is a support mechanism funded by the « Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir (PIA) » which selects innovative and strong potential projects for the French economy.
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Reconciling digital and sustainability to enhance Companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility


Equip CEOs, CIOs and CSROs with a SaaS platform to assess and monitor the sustainable performance of their digital assets

Hélène Levrault


"Digital will be one of the top sources of greenhouse emissions in the years to come. I have supported digital transformations, while promoting Green IT. After fostering collaboration between start-ups & large groups, I now join the GreenTech ecosystem and take on the challenge that is companies’ digital sustainability journey."

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The ecological impact of websites has no secrets for him


She masters our product from A to Z and takes care of our clients

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