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“Digital sustainability: how do I comply with regulations?”

Design Authority Director, Industry

“I do not know how to start”

CIO, Investment banking

“Post-Covid, I have a limited budget”

IT Sustainability Director, Insurance

“My teams are mobilized but not trained”

CSR Director, IT Company

“What do I measure? How?”

Technical Director, Public Sector

“How do I convince my management?”

CIO, Retail banking

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Christine Heckmann

Christine Heckmann

« Former Group CIO of multinational companies, I led their technology, operational and digital transformations. During all those years, digital pollution was not on the agenda. Today, I am deeply convinced that sustainable digital transition will be in the years to come, the equivalent of what digital transformation has been. »

Hélène Levrault

Hélène Levrault

« Digital will be one of the top sources of greenhouse emissions in the years to come. I have supported digital transformations, while promoting Green IT. After fostering collaboration between start-ups & large groups, I now join the GreenTech ecosystem and take on the challenge that is companies’ digital sustainability journey. »

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