The company

Verdikt emerged from a professional engagement which forged an inter-generational bond, developing a common desire to build a sustainable digital future.
It officially started in October 2020.


We choose to become a software editor and to create Verdikt in order to develop a SaaS solution.

By design, it is therefore easy to parallelize company deployments and scale up in different geographies. 

Verdikt’s ultimate goal is to accelerate companies’ adoption of responsible digital and to maximize society’s impact for a more sustainable future.

Verdikt carries 5 values that cement our foundations and animate our daily lives.

Verdikt applies the sustainable commitments that it advocates. 

Verdikt received the French BPI I-nov Awards in December 2020 granting  financial support. 

Verdikt has been part of “Syntec Numérique” since its creation in October 2020.

Verkit joined “PlanetTechCare” to work collectively towards a more responsible digital.

The challenges are huge and we are looking for ambitious forces to join us in this beautiful adventure.

The product

Verdikt is an innovative technology platform that assesses the ecological (planet, people, profit) impact of digital business, recommends areas for improvement and provides a sustainable maturity assessment to enhance CSR performance.


Since the Pact law of 2019, all companies must take into account environmental and societal issues in the management of their activities. 

Listed companies are subject to the publication of information on their environmental and social impacts in an extra-financial report. 

As a supplier or subcontractor of large groups, SMEs are also increasingly encouraged to adopt this approach.

Our platform targets all companies that want to be part of a responsible digital approach: small, medium, middle and large
And on the front line: CEO, CIO, CSRO!

Our positioning – Verdikt has chosen to be a software editor and to develop a Saas solution that allows company deployments in parallel and scale up in different geographies. 

The goal is to accelerate the adoption of responsible digital and maximize Verdikt’s impact for a more sustainable future.

Our expertise – The co-founders of Verdikt (ex CIO and ex IT consulting manager) have an in-depth knowledge of companies, IT departments and their stakes and have led major digital transformations in France and abroad.

Our innovative product offering:

  • a CSR approach with 3 components: planet, people, profit and an analysis focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) applied to digital.
  • a 360° view around multi-criteria customer data enriched with public and private data from our repository.
  • a proprietary calculation engine to evaluate an overall maturity index and 16 sustainability indicators
  • a didactic user experience

Verdikt is proposed via:

  • an e-commerce offer in usage pricing for SMB/VSB
  • a SaaS offer in annual subscription for MNC/MSB

Our data is hosted in Europe, on the Heroku cloud platforms.
Their data centers meet hosting standards: security, network, client isolation and are certified: PCI, SOC 1, 2 & 3 and ISO 27001, 27017, 27018 standards.

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